Glitter & Floral Lace

Hi lovely!

As time goes on fashion has changed, evolved. This concept is in constant mutation, a form of art moving all around the world. New tendencies are always astonishing, gripping and all. In these days it's often seen on Instagram that the new high tendance are glitters all around: on the face, on the body, on the clothes... Well, I agree with this trend, actually, it drives me obsessed. Glitters are just as fancy as unicorn's previous trend. And these make you shining more than a star.

For this look, I picked up a sequins dress in my closet from GEMO (a french fashion company) with a black floral lace blouse I shopped at Stradivarius last October.
The contrast between the pop side and the romantic one is quite violent but not less elegant. It's a fashion antithesis that I particularly love. This is a gorgeous antagonism to wear at any evening party.

The floral lace represents recklessness, innocence, and sweetness. It's a good deal with the provocative facet of this dress, which girls used to fit at late evening parties or proms.

On top of that, a basic black leather jacket is perfect to match with. It accentuates the casual elegance which looks so good on the young ladies. Basics pieces are rightful in a woman's closet.

In order to be closer to the stars that reflect on my cheeks, I selected a pair of purple high-heels in velvet from Newlook. These are truly comfortable and they're looking pretty awesome on every girl I've seen with.

Now tell me what do you think about that creative, strange and funny trend that which consists in putting glitters everywhere you want. You can react by commenting this article bellow or in the social networks.

See you lovely!



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