Blow in the trees

Hi lovely!

It's been more than a week since a post the last article on the blog. Actually life goes too fast, people just have the time to breath, to blow on their lives, and to enjoy every part of it.
Blowing, singing, like the wind makes the trees dancing all around the forests and all. Nature, life, inspiration is everywhere. Especially in the city and what's around it. Finally, poetry comes above all to make it more prettier than before because poetry is the sound of the word that the wind blows as life goes on.

This outfit is inspired by the environment where I spend my daily life. Firstly, this isn't a winter outfit but a fall one's. Indeed, I posted it on my previous blog. The reason why I decided to post it here is that I personally love it: the colors, the form of the skirt and, last but not least, the shoes I've bought in Japan.

I agree, these white shoes are very bizarre but that's cute and that's why I bought them. I do not enjoy wearing the same clothes as other people, those are to common. To my mind life is used to be fancier if you only live once. Don't waste it by wearing clothes that bored you or that make you feel uncomfortable.

It's a freedom to express yourself with whatever you want to. However it's hard to get the respect of other people, especially at the high school but I always remember what Lady Gaga said one day: "You laugh at me because I'm different, but I laugh at you because you are all the same."
To conclude, if you want to assume your own personality, blow on the haters and get a positiv attitude. Your smile will kill their mockeries.

I hope a smile is already lighting your face.
Comment below to share your point of view on the way you want to express you own personality and to show how brave you are.
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