Wandering Around the Mount Fuji

Hi lovely! 

Long time no see, right?
I've been so busy these days, but that's not over because, you know, high school and all require energy and time. So I didn't have time to shoot my last new favorite outfit, thus this post is about traveling in Japan. As you must know (or not if you're new on this blog), I spent one year off in Japan as part of an international exchange with the Rotary Club. Let me introduce the enchanted area of center Japan with the mount Fuji.

Well, I lived in Hamamatsu, in Shizuoka's prefecture where the huge Fuji-san stands between ocean and forests. It was wonderful to wake up every day and enjoyed the view of this amazing mountain.
Japanese people do not love it because of the height but for the perfect symmetry and the mystic snow on the top of the mountain which makes the scenery more epic than what you can see in a magazine.

As time goes by, I'd had the chance to climb it, to admire it, to take it in picture several times... I was literally obsessed with the mount Fuji. How not to be?

💕 Let the beauty of these pictures inspire and seduce you. 💕




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