React to Gaga's Performance at #SB51

Hi lovely,

As you surely know yesterday held the 51st Super Bowl. As a matter of facts, I didn't follow the event for the game but for Lady Gaga's concert. As many many many fans of her, I waited this day so hard. The less than 15 minutes show that she offers to Americans and other people all around the world was dazzling. Let me tell you what I found the most spectacular.

First, she enters the stage by flying and executing figures in the air, just like a pixie. She was agile and quick, beautiful and gracious.
Her evolution on the scene, with costumes, hairstyles, and all, was just as she is all the time: astonishing! I was in deep love with Gaga's first costume, this fitted her gorgeously. On top of all, Mother Monster's makeup was full of fanciness, glittering on her face as she was shining like a star under the spot and the fireworks.

Secondly, I particularly appreciate the choice of the songs she performed:

  1. "God Bless America"
  2. "The Edge of Glory", Born This Way
  3. "Poker Face", The Fame
  4. "Born This Way", Born This Way
  5. "Telephone", The Fame Monster
  6. "Just Dance", The Fame
  7. "Million Reasons", Joanne
  8. "Bad Romance", The Fame Monster
Well, these songs are her top charter but also the most powerful ones. Indeed, behind each lyric, you may find an emotion that is supposed to represent you, people and her on the same stage called the universe.  That's the reason why I cried while watching her singing in live, at 3a.m. (in France). 

Last but not least was the fantastic announcement of her Joanne World Tour! I'm so excited to order my tickets to see her perform on the 6th October in Paris. This new makes my day shines all along. Lady Gaga inspires me so much, I am not dashed, on the contrary, I'm blind owing to her charisma! 

Did you see the Pepsi half Time show performed by Gaga? Tell us in comments what you think about it! 


Credits: twitter, ladygagaofficialwebsite, popsugar
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  1. Le plus fantasque en look ^^ cela devait être Louis XIV !

    Se vêtir en Apollon dans le ballet royal de la nuit à l'âge de 15 ans!

    C'est audacieux!

    Je pense que les spectacles à Versailles à l'époque de Louis XIV devaient être impressionnants et meilleurs dans la mise en scène que Lady Gaga!

    Donc pour moi je vote pour l'univers de notre roi-star!,étoile " Louis XIV!" :

    Louis XIV éclipse Lady Gaga!


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